We are serving our students through our local partners. You can choose to sponsor a specific project or donate to the general fund and leave it up to us to distribute the funds based on what our local teams need.

Teacher trainees in Uganda

Ongoing Project

Our local partners at the African SOUP believe that "Quality education leads to empowered communities." As part of their current Active Learning Project, the team serves 16-21-year-old teacher trainees who hope to become primary school teachers after two years of training at the Teacher training college. The SOUP  hopes to equip and empower Uganda's future leaders with increased content knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities by implementing hands-on, student directed, activity-based teaching methods where creativity, critical thinking, ethical practices, and classroom innovation is emphasized.

During the COVID lockdown, as our partner tried to engage the teachers through online learning platforms and implement ICT learning, they discovered that none of the students owned computers and only 25% owned smartphones.

To start, we are raising funds to purchase 100 laptops that will be handed over to the college computer laboratory. The teacher trainees will have the chance to access the computers during their time at the college and carry the computers to their hostels where there will have access to electricity and a reliable Internet connection.

For inventory management and accountability, students would sign for the computer from the computer laboratory staff. The computer would be checked and scanned regularly in order to prevent any computer damage or virus.

On average, we would spend $350 per computer while the Internet fees may vary between $2 to $50. 

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Teacher trainees in Uganda

Teacher trainees in Uganda


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