Giorgi is graduating from high school this year and the Internet has played a major role in determining his future - he tells us that none of the school subjects were exciting enough for him, but the Internet allowed him to turn his passion into a possible career.

See, he loves to cook! Through the Internet he found all there is to know about how to apply to a culinary college, gathered all the necessary documents and he’s starting school from September!

Before becoming a professional cook he’s experimenting at home - he’s constantly searching for recipes, ideas, techniques and articles about healthy nutrition online and cooking delicious meals for everyone around him. The whole family is happy!

He also tells us that thanks to the Internet, communication with his friends has become so much easier! And Giorgi can follow his other passion more closely - football. Now he can watch the matches online, read articles, etc. Internet affects his life on many levels - career wise, socially and personally.

Our project also triggered changes in his personal life. On our training sessions on media literacy, financial and online education, he met somebody. They even went out for a couple of months. But who knows? The hopeless romantics in our team still hope that the magic powers of the Internet will reunite the lovebirds.