Aleko is a natural born self-learner, a polyglot and a musician - and listening to him about all the skills he has acquired online may make you dizzy! And maybe a bit jealous.

First, he’s learning 6 languages online! Apart from the online courses provided to him free of charge by our EdTech partners, he’s found other language resources and wants to master English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Italian. Wow.

Before joining our program, he used to play on a classic Georgian instrument Panduri. Now he’s also mastering the guitar, the Georgian accordion and Salamuri - also a Georgian recorder-like instrument.

The Internet also comes in useful when he’s doing his homework and working on his future plans, he says. He’s planning to enroll at a college and study car mechanics.

So what does he do in his spare time, if he has left any, you ask? Well, actually, he’s doing taekwondo!

And we almost forgot - Aleko has 6 brothers and 1 sister. And he promises us that his siblings are also making the most out of his new computer and the Internet connection.