Tornike, 17, is a rising journalist with a bright future.

It all started in 2016 when 3 different projects launched at his school and students were offered to participate. Tornike got into all of them – a smart club, a media circle and a project about the European Union. That’s where his interest towards journalism was born: the school radio, journals, interviews with famous people, peeking into the back stages of TV broadcasting, attending different show tapings, summer volunteering at a television… the list goes on!

Tornike considers himself very lucky – non-formal education and innovative approaches towards teaching are very appreciated and pioneered at his school. All of the projects that he got involved in and his main interest towards journalism was brought to him through school. His teachers and the school computer were the main source of information for him; sometimes he would even work from his friends’ houses as well. Through our project he now has his own laptop and an Internet connections. Now he feels like the sky is the limit.

Today he is involved in organizing a project with his classmates for journalism enthusiasts through which secondary and high school students will be able to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge about journalism by working with experienced people from different fields. Tornike is a huge advocate of accessible education – he firmly believes that these types of projects should not be profit-oriented and that the underprivileged should not have to miss out on an education.