Terms of Service

GiveInternet.org, INC. Version 1.0
Effective Date: April 2020; Last Revised: April 2020

Welcome to GiveInternet.org, INC., a non-profit organization and the owner of the GiveInternet.org platform. This Terms of Use ("Agreement") is a contract between you ("you") and GiveInternet.org and governs your access and use of the GiveInternet.org website including, but not limited to, all transactions conducted on the Website and all GiveInternet.org services provided in connection with the Website. By accessing or using the Website, you signify that you have read all of the terms and conditions in, and linked to, this Agreement (including the Privacy Policy), and you agree to be bound by this Agreement, whether or not you participate in GiveInternet.org's crowdfunding efforts or related programs, services or activities (collectively, the "Program") or otherwise access or use the Website (in each such capacity, a "User"). If you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions in this Agreement, please do not participate in the Program or access or use the Website.

If you don’t agree with these terms, you shouldn’t use GiveInternet.org’s website.

This Agreement may be modified by GiveInternet.org in its sole discretion from time to time and such modifications shall automatically become part of this Agreement and shall be effective once posted by GiveInternet.org on the Website (as indicated by the posted update date). Your participation in the Program and use of the Website will be subject to any such modifications. You should review the Website and this Agreement from time to time for any modifications. If you do not agree with any such modifications, please immediately terminate your registered GiveInternet.org account, if any, as outlined in Section 8 below, and please immediately stop participating in the Program and accessing and using the Website.