Transparency Report

Every penny we spend from your donation is documented in our transparency report, delivered to your inbox every month.
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When you sign up as our monthly donor, you choose what percentage of your donation goes directly to the student (the Internet fees, the laptop and the costs that our local partners (currently incur when identifying students in need and distributing the laptops) or administrative costs.

The Internet

In Georgia, where we currently operate, a basic Internet package costs approximately $7. In some regions where broadband Internet isn’t yet available, we work with local Wi-Fi operators or equip our students with mobile Internet modems.

The Laptop

We usually give out Google Chromebooks: they're cheap, light-weight, fast, efficient and optimized for learning. The laptops are usually sponsored the corporate sponsors of our local partner

Administrative costs

Our administrative costs include marketing costs and and staff salaries. Each cost is documented in our transparency report.

A breakdown of our costs