Meet Our Mission Champions

Our mission champions are influencers who help us spread awareness about and the importance of bridging the digital gap. Through advocacy, they stand with us in our mission to provide internet access to students in need. Get to know them and their contributions to our cause.

Belinda Mbuthia

Belinda is a Kenyan-born tech consultant based in the UK. She is the host of Youtube channel "Afro Girl Diaries". With a background in Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester, she brings her expertise to topics like study tips, career advice, and empowering minorities, particularly Black women. 

Alex Freberg

Alex's channel "Alex the Analyst" is the go-to destination for aspiring Data Analysts. With comprehensive tutorials and insights, viewers can learn everything needed to kickstart their careers or upskill in data analysis.

Nicholas Wilkinson

Nicholas is the author of "Techdox", a channel dedicated to exploring the latest trends and innovations in the tech world. From self-hosting services to intriguing cryptocurrency projects, Techdox covers a diverse range of technical content to keep viewers informed and engaged. 

Jeremy McDowell

Jeremy, on his YouTube channel "Jeremy's IT Lab", offers straightforward and practical tutorials on Cisco networking and general networking concepts. Join him for easy-to-follow guidance on mastering the fundamentals of networking.