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Bringing students in homeless shelters online in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Georgia

This project supports the beneficiaries of LEEDO - underprivileged youth who have been rescued from the streets of Bangladesh and who are housed in a permanent home for homeless and orphaned children.

Local Education and Economic Development Organization (LEEDO) is a not-for-profit; voluntary-based development organization. Every day LEEDO's rescue team and street educators are out on the street to rescue children in need of support. The Transitional Shelter identifies the reason the child has no home and locates possible family members. If unable to find the family, the children are referred to the Peace Home or other like minded organization for long term rehabilitation.

The Peace Home is a permanent shelter with full livelihood facilities and basic rights like: Formal Education, Food, Shelter, Entertainment, sports and games etc. in a family atmosphere, housing 65 children.

We are raising funds to sponsor Internet access and personal computers for 30 students living in the Peace Home (ages 15-18). Our aim is to ensure that the children have every opportunity to keep up with schoolwork, make the most of their rehabilitation journey at the shelter and get themselves ready for an independent future. As always, our team will keep you updated on how your money was spent and supply the documents certifying the purchase and the receipt of the laptops. 

On average, a budget laptop costs around $550 and it would cost on average $100 a month to provide meaningful connectivity for the shelter. 

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Bringing students in homeless shelters online in Bangladesh

Bringing students in homeless shelters online in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Georgia

This project supports the beneficiaries of LEEDO with Internet access and computers - underprivileged, homeless or orphaned youth rescued from the streets of Bangladesh.

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Bringing students in rural Georgia online

Bringing students in rural Georgia online

Georgia Georgia

We're bringing Internet access and laptops to high school students from the most underserved families in Georgia, mostly living in IDP settlements, borderline settlements and rural areas. 

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