Why Internet?

Internet access
is life-changing

In the poorest countries, only 1 out of every 10 students is online.

GiveInternet.org originated in the developing country of Georgia. We have seen first-hand the transformational power of the Internet in improving the quality of life, in reshaping belief systems, in increasing levels of education and productivity.

To us, GiveInternet.org is a catalyst in accelerating socio-economic growth and enhancing the livelihoods of entire communities. We believe that bridging the digital divide and increasing Internet penetration is the most cost-effective way of making it possible for developing countries to take advantage of global knowledge and compete effectively.

Study after study has suggested a positive association between Internet use and exam outcomes.

Internet access and computers, along with education, enhance skills that are substantially rewarded in the labor market.

The Internet has become one of our primary sources of communication. It allows us to warn disease outbreak, report security threats.

The Internet facilitates communication with geographically distant family and friends, which is especially vital for refugees, and it allows individuals to accumulate social capital.

Numerous studies have suggested a causal relationship between cellular service expansion and increased efficiency and national economic growth.

Besides increased financial gains and productivity, Internet use has been linked with consumer choice and labor market search efficiency.

The Internet creates new opportunities in education, skill and employability enhancement and gender empowerment.

Internet and education access has been associated with more tolerance, and social cohesion, concern about the environment, charitable giving, and reductions in crime,