Give access to knowledge and equal opportunities

Give access to knowledge and equal opportunities

Sponsor Internet access for a high school student in need. Receive monthly updates on how your donation was spent, who you helped and how you changed their lives.


Your gift is tax-deductible

I can't think of a higher leverage way to help someone in life than giving them internet access.

Lenny Rachitsky

Author, Investor

The most cost-efficient way to boost socioeconomic growth? Connectivity, would tell you.

...Many reasons behind the disparity but according to GiveInternet they all boil down to affordability. 

Our Mission

1.1 billion students can’t afford internet access. 67% are girls.

We exist to make it simple and transparent for anyone to sponsor internet access and laptops for students in need, allowing them to access global knowledge and equal opportunities.


Our focus areas in 2024

This year, we are working with some of the most underserved communities. Our work is spread across East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Malawi), India and countries in the Middle East with a significant population of Syrian refugees (Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan). 

All Countries

2752 students have access. 1106 Awaiting

Every small step counts! Help us reach this milestone by donating 9$.

Education Partners

Our partners' educational programs prepare underserved students as future developers, designers, teachers, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs. Together, we equip these students with laptops and Internet access to help them achieve their full potential.

Our Students

Where Does The Money Go?

Radical transparency and accountability are our main goals. Once a month only, you will receive an update on our transparency reports and bank statements as well as our amazing footage and students’ achievement stories. We are 501(c)(3) charity. Your Donation is tax-deductible


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Donation Breakdown

Your donation is being directed to students from all over the globe, and here's how much it takes to get it to them.

Students Stories


Nia (18 y.o.)


Meet Nia - a future diplomat and international relations specialist!

Read more

Stephen (26 y.o.)


Meet Stephen—a determined 26-year-old from Lodwar and the person behind the first online TV station in the Turkana region in Kenya! 

Read more

Nelly (26 y.o.)


Meet Nelly, a social worker who helped thousands of children, women and girls!

Read more

Saida (19 y.o.)


No one knows the importance of the Internet better than Saida, an ethnically Azeri student teaching Georgian to her community.

Read more

Marion (21 y.o.)


Meet Marion, a cancer survivor working to change lives!

Read more

Severian (19 y.o.)


Severian, a first-year student, is a civil engineer working on a Mars rover, and he owes his academic success to the Internet.

Read more

Mariam (17 y.o.)


Thanks to Mariam, a young environmental activist, three cities in Georgia will now have solar panels!

Read more

See for yourself how their lives are changing!

Damage Calculator

See what is the cost of leaving everyone without internet in your country, and how many people are currently without internet access.

Who Are We?

We come from a developing country

and we have seen first-hand what happens when we introduce connectivity into someone's life.

How we pay our salaries

When you sign up as a monthly donor, you can add a portion of your donation to our administrative expenses. (like salaries, growth, and marketing costs.)

Find out more about our costs

Bringing students online since 2017

Our team got together in 2017 to create a local platform and crowdfund connectivity and laptops for students in need. Public feedback exceeded our expectations so we decided to expand.

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How We Work


It takes $9 to sponsor connectivity for 1 family for a month.


You choose where to direct your money - be it student costs or admin expenses

Receive updates

Receive monthly updates on student achievements and how the money is spent

Here's how we provide connectivity

Who Supports Us?

Jeremy McDowell
Jeremy McDowell

Youtube Educator

I was lucky enough to have my own computer and Internet access from a young age, but there are still nearly 3 billion people in the world who have neither. Now access to the Internet isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for education and personal growth. This is why I've decided to support's mission by contributing $200 from my website profit.

Maia Surmava
Maia Surmava

CIO at Discovery Health

George Osipov
George Osipov

PhD fellow in Theoretical Computer Science, Linköping University

I donated to GiveInternet because the Internet, to me, is the best source of education. As their consultant on the Khan Academy Georgia project, I know the team well, I am aware of their enthusiasm and sense of responsibility and I am confident that they can find the best use of each penny donated.

Nicholas Wilkinson
Nicholas Wilkinson

YouTube Educator

Lasha Kerdikashvili
Lasha Kerdikashvili

Senior Consultant, EY

The fact that the Give Internet team works with such transparency and dedication fills me with optimism. I feel like this is a group of passionate people who accumulated valuable experience in educational projects, saw a clear need for this project, developed a strategy and executed it all very professionally.

Ninutsa Nanitashvili
Ninutsa Nanitashvili

Technology and Startup Evangelist

The easiest way to have an impact on someone's life, give them opportunities. This is our responsibility, especially for those of us in the tech industry. 

Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny Rachitsky

Author, Investor

"I can't think of a higher leverage way to help someone in life than giving them internet access."

Our Partners

Discover how they support us...

Your Impact

We continuously measure the changes in the lives of our students through in-depth interviews and quantitative studies.


improves their mental well-being 


uses online courses more frequently


improves their computer skills

Here's what we do to help our students grow

Frequently Asked Questions

A personal laptop, an Internet connection throughout their years in school, free access to educational resources, mentorship from the team, and training opportunities. 

You control how your money is spent. You choose what to sponsor (Internet access, laptops, or both), you can choose the country you want to sponsor, and you can allocate a portion of your donation to our administrative expenses (staff salaries, marketing and growth costs, etc.). Whatever's left is spent on Internet fees and laptop costs for students in our partner country. Each month you will receive updates with student achievements, bank statements and transparency reports.

We collaborate with partners on the ground - NGOs who work with high school students in need. Once a student is equipped with a laptop, local internet service providers equip the family with Internet access upon the family's request and with the help of our local partner if needed. Your monthly donations cover the Internet fees throughout the student's years in school. 

Of course! At any time, you can log into your account and modify or cancel your donation or payment methods. Normally we process monthly transactions on the 5th of every month. We will send you an email if there's an issue with your donation so be on the lookout. 

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