How do we work?

35% of the world's population lacks Internet access even though they live in an area with Internet coverage - they cannot afford itWe allow individuals to sponsor their devices and connectivity

We collaborate with and support local educational nonprofits that work with refugee settlements and underserved students in rural areas.

Thanks to your donations, our local partners purchase laptops for our students and cover their Internet fees for as long as the student is in school. 




We continuously measure our impact

We interview our students and update you on the changes in their lives in our monthly reports. 

Most important of all, we conduct a quantitative longitudinal study to measure the changes in the educational outcomes, self-assesment, general and mental being, computer skills of our students. Here are our preliminary results. 


Feels more confident in their ability to achieve success in school


Uses online courses more frequently


Improves their computer skills


Uses the Internet to learn a foreign language


More students use email for communication


improves their mental well-being 

Our local partners also provide training and mentorship for our students. For example, offers training sessions in media literacy, financial literacy and online education, as well as constant technical-educational support, free access to educational resources and platforms of our partners. Find out more about what we do to support our students.