Frequently Asked Questions is a platform built by GIVEINTERNET ORG INC, a New Jersey 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 84-4246034). 

In 2017, two of our co-founders from the country Georgia created a similar platform to allow Georgians to sponsor connectivity and computers for high school students in need. Coming from a post-Soviet developing country with poor access to quality education and information, both the team and the donors believed in the transformative power of the Internet. 

 Meet our team or have a look at our most recent Activity Report from 2020.

Yes. is a 501(c)(c) non-profit public benefit corporation (EIN 84-4246034) based in New Jersey. You will receive a receipt  from after the end of tax year (December 31st of each year) with information on the time and the amount of your donation(s) throughout the tax year.

We use Stripe for payment, analytics, and other business services. When you make a purchase, Stripe receives information about you, your transaction, and your payment instrument. Additionally, Stripe collects standard information about your device that may be sufficient to uniquely recognize it. Stripe uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides to us, including for fraud detection and compliance purposes. You can learn more about Stripe and read its privacy policy at

A personal laptop, an Internet connection throughout their years in school, free access to educational resources, mentorship from the team, and training opportunities.

You control how your money is spent. You choose what to sponsor (Internet access, laptops, or both), you can choose the country you want to sponsor, and you can allocate a portion of your donation to our administrative expenses (staff salaries, marketing and growth costs, etc.). Whatever's left is spent on Internet fees and laptop costs for students in our partner country. Each month you will receive updates with student achievements, bank statements and transparency reports.

We collaborate with partners on the ground - NGOs who work with high school students in need. Once a student is equipped with a laptop, local internet service providers equip the family with Internet access upon the family's request and with the help of our local partner if needed. Your monthly donations cover the Internet fees throughout the student's years in school. Learn more about how we work. 

Of course! At any time, you can log into your account and modify or cancel your donation or payment methods. We also send out monthly reports which also serve as a reminder of your recurring donation—so don't have to worry about forgetting about your subscription! Normally we process monthly transactions on the 5th of every month. We will send you an email if there's an issue with your donation so be on the lookout. 

No. If you change your card or remove your card from the system and replace it with the same or a different one, you will not be charged again.

We usually provide our students with budget computers. Most often we purchase Chromebooks - they are cheaper, virus-free, optimized for learning, and robust. 

We cover the Internet fees for high school students (grades 10, 11 and 12) for the duration of their studies at school and for an additional year after graduation. As for the laptop, it stays with the beneficiary even after the additional year is up.

We take the selection of the beneficiaries very seriously. We have educational partners, like the University of Geneva, MIT ReAct, and others, which provide skills development programs to future developers, designers, teachers, and healthcare workers. They identify students in need of technological resources. Together, we purchase and distribute laptops to their students from refugee settlements and underserved local communities, in order for them to continue self-improvement and access job opportunities after they’ve completed the course. 

On the fifth day of each month. If your bank account does not have sufficient funds or your bank card has expired, the system will try to charge your account on the 8th, 11th and 14th day of the month. Our team will notify you via email if the transaction is unsuccessful.

No. If your first monthly donation happens after the 15th day of any month, we will skip the next month and you will only be charged on the 5th day of the month after that. 

Usually we are fundraising for multiple projects at a time. When you donate to the general fund without choosing a specific project, we try to distribute the funds equally among projects. Whenever possible or needed, we prioritize a certain project - for example, when we are very close to a funding goal of one project.

Yes. The number of donors, students, funds raised represent the joint outcomes of and our local partner, specifically, our Georgian fundraising platform, also created by our co-founders.