Achievement Stories

Some of our students have already changed the course of their lives thanks to the Internet, be it new passions, professions, or academic degrees. We add new stories monthly so check in for more stories on the magic of the Internet! 

Nika is 17 years old from Mejvriskhevi, Kartli. Nika has always been a good student and liked to study, but this year is especially important for him - he has graduated with honors and he is getting ready for the university entrance exams. Unlike many of his peers, he is planning to do so without the help of any tutors as he’s got all the tools - his laptop, internet connection and his determination. 

When thinking about his career, Nika has decided to combine two of his passions - visual arts and STEM and decided to learn automotive design and engineering. Nika is a self-taught painter - he started painting 3 years ago, first with charcoal. Then Nika watched various tutorials on how to use color and use more sophisticated painting techniques and has improved his skills quite significantly. He enjoys painting the portraits the most but tries to paint car designs with the help of the Internet and various schemes and models. Nika is working on his English language skills as well - the materials and resources he is interested in aren’t even available in his mother tongue - Georgian.

Without the internet Nika wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the most basic of his needs - like attending the classes and doing his homework during the pandemic, which would have meant skipping a year for him. With the help of the internet he managed not only to attend the classes, but pass every exam with the highest scores. But Nika did not stop at his basic needs - he discovered that he loves watching classical movies and is even learning how to play guitar with online classes.

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