Achievement Stories

Some of our students have already changed the course of their lives thanks to the Internet, be it new passions, professions, or academic degrees. We add new stories monthly so check in for more stories on the magic of the Internet! 

Nelly is a mother and a social worker with a lifelong dream of serving the community. When she was 16 years old, Nelly was sexually assaulted. She would not let this stand in the way of the pursuit of her dreams of education- which she saw as a “pillar to stand on” striving to give her little boy a better life.

Nelly saw there was a need to advocate for the education of women and girls. She established community-based organizations such as “Women’s Voice”, “Action for Men and Women for Change” and “Grace of Light”, with the goal of promoting equal rights for all men and women all over the world. Nelly did not stop there and established “Grace of Light for Orphans”, a charity organization through which she helped more than 500 children from different countries such as Malawi, Uganda, DRC, and Burundi. She also received a Diploma in Social Work from Regis University!

Nelly says that the challenges of life have made her stronger and braver; She is proud of how far she has come! Now Nelly is writing a book based on her own life and what she does to impact the lives of people in the community through education.


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