In pursuit of transparency, we not only maintain meticulous financial records but also extend this commitment to showcasing student stories and providing visual footage. Here's where you can find all of our monthly reports, as well as all the necessary up-to-date financial statements.

How we document every penny

From detailed tables to bank statement, we show every incoming or outgoing penny. The reports are updated monthly.

Monthly updates

On the 5th day of each month we send out letters with details on who you helped, how you changed their lives.

Transparency report

We use simple tables and spreadsheets to show every type of incoming and outgoing funds.

Activity reports

We frequently publish activity reports and impact reports to give you a full understanding of how we work.

Bank statements

We publish official bank statements every month. You can find each donation and outgoing transaction.

Team salaries

In the monthly breakdown of our transparency report, you can view details about each team member, their salaries and the relevant documents. 

Financial audit

While the financial audit for our newly incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit is still due, here's the most recent Financial Audit report from Ernst and Young on "Access Fund" our current local organization in Georgia -


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