• Who created GiveInternet.org?

GiveInternet.org is a project by Educare Georgia, a non-profit with a mission to provide access to world-class education to anyone in Georgia. Meet our team or have a look at our most recent Activity Report from 2018.



  • Why did you create GiveInternet.org?

We spent four years localizing a number of EdTech platforms like Khan Academy and Code.org into Georgian to enhance access to world-class education. But we realized that the students who needed those resources the most did not have Internet access. We decided to change that.


Coming from a post-Soviet, developing country, we have seen first-hand the transformations brought about by introducing connectivity into a region. To us, giving Internet access is the most cost-efficient way of accelerating socio-economic growth and enhancing the livelihoods of entire communities. 



  • Do you only operate in Georgia?

For now. We are a registered nonprofit in Georgia but are working on incorporating a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the US. We are also planning to create new projects in other countries in the Middle East and Africa by collaborating with partners on the ground. 



  • How do I donate?

Easy! Click Give Internet and choose between sponsoring monthly Internet fees or a laptop. If you want to sponsor Internet bills, choose the amount that you want to donate each month. Create an account with your email or Facebook, and enter your bank card details.



  • When will the monthly donation be deducted from my card?

On the fifth day of each month. If your bank account does not have sufficient funds or your bank card has expired, the system will keep trying to deduct the amount during the following 10 days. Our team will notify you via email if the transaction is unsuccessful.



  • How do I cancel or change my donation/my card?

Visit our website, log into your account from the upper-right corner, and go to your settings from the upper-right corner. 




  • If I change my card, will I be charged twice in the same month?

No. If you change your card or remove your card from the system and replace it with the same or a different one, you will not be charged again. With any new card, for verification purposes, you will be charged $1, which will be automatically refunded to you.



  • How is my money spent?

When you donate to us, you choose what percentage goes directly to the student (Internet fees and/or laptops) or administrative costs. Administrative costs can be anything from transportation expenses to salaries. Each penny we spend from your donation is documented in our transparency report



  • How are the students selected?

We take the selection of the beneficiaries very seriously. We have three main criteria. Our students need to be a) deemed as socially vulnerable by Social Services; b) be in high school (grades 10-12) and c) not have Internet access or a computer.


As we expand to a new region, we identify and contact the beneficiaries through their local schools and school districts. We visit, interview, photograph and carefully document each family.



  • How are the regions selected?

When expanding to a new settlement, we usually prioritize areas where we have a local representative who is familiar with the local communities and can visit, document and survey each family. Sometimes a corporate donor decides to sponsor laptops for students from a specific region. 



  • What is the role of corporate sponsors?

Our corporate donors sponsor laptops for our students. In some cases, they also cover the costs of organizing training sessions on digital literacy, online education and financial education.



  • Do you train the students on how to use the Internet?

Yes. We mentor each student through online chat and video calls and provide technical or educational assistance. In some cases, we organize interactive training sessions on digital literacy, online education, and financial education. Learn more about our educational activities.



  • Which devices do we give out to the students?

We buy Google Chromebooks: it’s cheap, light-weight, fast, efficient and optimized for learning.



  • How come the cost of connecting one student varies per project?

Every student receives the same services but the ISP and maintenance fees may vary in different locations.

Here is our transparency report with details on our every cost.



  • Will my donation be spent on the ongoing project?

Yes, but we may redistribute your donation to other projects as we expand to new areas.



  • Do the students in the 'waiting' list belong to the ongoing project?

Yes, ongoing and future projects.



  • For how long will the project cover the Internet costs of a student?

We cover the Internet fees for high school students (grades 10, 11 and 12) for the duration of their studies at school and for an additional year after graduation. As for the laptop, it stays with the beneficiary even after the additional year is up.