April 2021 - Monthly Update


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We spent April in the villages by the line of Russian occupation in the Kareli municipality in Georgia. With rising tensions due to violations of the cease-fire agreement, our team had trouble reaching the villages of our students on several occasions. But 46 students joined our project overall! 
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Elene is determined to become a winemaker! She has already chosen a good university and she's certain the Internet will help her study. At school, her favorite subject is history - she finds the field fascinating.
Mariam has decided to become a lawyer! She hasn't picked a law school yet. In her spare time, she likes to watch historical films - she finds them very informative and fascinating. Mariam is certain that the Internet will help her become a better student.
Mariam would love to become a designer, so she's already chosen a good art school. She is mostly fascinated with humanities. Unsurprisingly, in her spare time she loves to paint and read literature.
Rusudan's favorite subjects at school are math, Georgian and history. She's still undecided about her future profession but she definitely wants to become a student. In her spare time, she loves to read. She thinks the Internet will help her grow and learn.
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Read about the changes in the lives of our students, in their own words. Monica, 18

Before, I could only obtain information through books. I think the Internet is essential in the 21st century. If used well, you can become a professional in most fields.

I still haven’t decided what I want to study after school but the Internet helps me find any relevant information. I want to have a business and employ a lot of people struggling to find jobs.

My family uses my computer, too, when I’m not using it. My mom frequently looks for jobs online!