February 2021 - Monthly Update


Thank you for your unwavering support!

Our February was mostly dedicated to the Tskaltubo region - a beautiful Soviet-era resort. The abandoned hotels now house up to 10000 refugees displaced from their homes during the war in Abkhazia. A total of 86 students received laptops and Internet access from our team!
See how your money was spent:
Transparency report
Nino wants to become a choreographer! Whenever she gets any spare time, she loves to dance and paint. Keti wants to study English philology. She's having a hard time picking colleges. She loves to read in her spare time. She tells us the Internet will help her achieve her academic goals.
Nika wants to become an IT specialist! He loves STEM subjects at school. He especially enjoys playing chess and working on chemistry experiments. He tells us he's certain the Internet will help him study online and find relevant information.
Goga hasn't chosen a future profession yet, but he loves Georgaphy. "I enjoy pouring over various maps. I also love reading literature, especially about tribal life, and watching movies." He thinks the Internet will help him keep up with schoolwork.
Ana wants to become an English teacher! Unsurprisingly, her favorite subject at school is English, but she tells us she enjoys all of the other school subjects and tries to dedicate equal attention to all fields. She tells us the Internet will definitely help her study better.
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