June 2021 - Monthly Update


We are so thankful for your support!

This June,  a total of 32 students from Western Georgia joined our project! They now own personal computers, and they receive instructions, tips and resources from our team.
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Transparency report
Thanks to you, our days on the field are full of excitement and joy.
First we try to locate the homes of our students. 
We interview them and make sure they meet our criteria. 
We help them make their first steps on the Web; we give tips, instructions, guidebooks.
We also get to meet their wonderful siblings and other family members.
Not to mention their curious pets
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Read about the changes in the lives of our students, in their own words. Zina, 17

I was so much more restricted before - dependent on school literature. Now I can get any new information any time. I love animals and I try to learn more about them online - like how they grow in their environments, what they love, etc. 


I try to get ready for the future. I always compete with my past self, trying to be more motivated and goal-oriented each year. The Internet helps me find information on my future careers.