March 2021 - Monthly Update


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March was busy, and exciting. 53 more students received Internet access and computers. We held 10 training sessions on media literacy, financial literacy and online education, and we published preliminary results of our impact study. 
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Transparency report is quite a unique experiment. We don't actually see many interventions around the world where Internet and computers are provided to students who lack these resources, and we're left with a gap in academic knowledge on what happens when we introduce connectivity into the lives of youth.

This is why we launched a quantitative longitudinal study in 2019 to examine the changes in the lives of our students. So far we've only had the chance to analyze a small portion of the data but we are excited to share our preliminary results with you today.

Read our initial report
And join us in our magical yet heartbreaking journey to Tskaltubo, a former spa resort where the abandoned hotels have been used as housing by the refugees for several decades. 
Meet some of our newest students!
Nino is determined to become a primary school teacher of history! She wants to go to the university, she thinks it will be "good for her personal development". She thinks the Internet will be immensely helpful in obtaining the information she needs. "I love listening to the music and reading literature - it really calms me down.
Lia would like to become a lawyer! She has already chosen a public law school and she's actively preparing for the entrance exams. She's certain the Internet will be very helpful in the process. At school, she enjoys math and physics. In her spare time she loves to read books.
Mariam has decided to enter university and study psychology - most likely to become a therapist. She loves history and the Georgian language at school - she's not the bigges fan of math. She hasn't chosen a college yet but she thinks the Internet will help her here - it will also come in very handy when she has to do homework. She tells us she loves literature - she finds fiction very interesting.
Luka, a refugee living by the Black Sea, is passionate about history. "I'm interested in both Georgian and world history: wars, their results, knights, leaders, the art of war..." and he also loves to read, it turns him into a "more opinionated human being". He has decided to become a psychologist and he thinks the Internet will be very helpful in schoolwork and communication.
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And read about the changes in the lives of our students, in their own words. - Lika, 19

"Before I had the Internet, I wasn’t able to keep up with what was going on. I needed to go next door to my neighbor just to obtain any information or contact my friends. But now everything’s different. I’m planning to enter university to become a primary school teacher. The Internet is really helpful in my exam prep - I obtain information and news about the entrance exams, etc.

I love reading books. Unfortunately, we don’t have a big selection of books at the local school library but I was able to find some of my favorite books online."