October 2022 - Monthly Update


Thank you for standing by our mission! 

Let's start off with the big news! We reached an important milestone
our project now includes over two thousand students! This October, we traveled to Adjara, Georgia, where we met 29 incredible young learners. They were given access to the Internet, new laptops, as well as our full support and mentorship.

Here's where we stand: 
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Meet Eliso, a 17-year-old girl ready to take on the world!

Eliso is a high school student, but her daily life is not limited to going to school and completing assignments. Apart from that, she loves engaging in various informal educational projects, in order to develop herself. Her dream is to contribute to bringing progress to her city and country.

Eliso says that it was the laptop that gave her the incentive to search for answers to unresolved questions. When we asked her about the most relevant issue for a high school senior - her career plans - Eliso answered: "I am interested in many fields, but I am particularly invested in political sciences and sociology. I hope I will manage to pass the upcoming exams just the way I’ve envisioned."
Read Eliso's full story
Read about the changes in the lives of our students in their own words. Shalva, 15

"I am planning to study the IT field so the Internet and a laptop are incredibly helpful! For now, I am just researching everything about my future career and developing my English skills".

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