December 2023 - Monthly Update


Happy New Year and thank you for your interest in our mission!

In 2023, we achieved a real milestone by establishing wonderful partnerships with organizations in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. We also visited some of the most underserved communities in Kenya, connecting with our students and partners. Throughout the year, as many as
390 students joined our project!

In Decemberwe welcomed 71 more high schoolers from Georgian villages and equipped them with computers, Internet access, and educational support. Their journey has just begun!

Here's where we stand: 
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Let us introduce you to our newest students, as well as the students from Kakuma refugee camp that we met and brought online in October. Thanks to our local partner Action for Refugee Life (AREL) these students have diverse, invaluable learning opportunities. 
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Meet Saida - a courageous 21-year-old activist from the little city of Georgia breaking barriers in her community. 

“In my Muslim community, it is almost unheard of for a minor, especially a girl, to have her own smartphone, to use the Internet, to learn, let alone move to the city for her studies.

I was one such young woman. I hadn’t even browsed online properly. I didn’t even speak proper Georgian—the official language in the country. My fate seemed clear: marrying a stranger at 18 according to local customs, and living in a village.

Then, reached out, and gave me a personal computer and an Internet connection. I started browsing the web, getting to know my academic options, my dream university, the city, university exams. Everything.

I sat my parents down to discuss my options. I explained that I needed to obtain a proper education. I wanted to contribute to the society. I didn’t want to stay and marry a stranger. My parents married out of love, and I wanted to do the same, on my own schedule.

The Internet has brought about a real revolution in my family. They didn’t know the meaning of learning, activism. Today, they support me wholeheartedly. I’m a fourth year student in the capital city. We talk to each other every day online.

But my journey has also inspired others in my local community. I became a journalist, working at a local news outlet for a year. I became interested in women’s issues in rural areas. At first, my respondents would frown upon my visits and even refuse an interview altogether. A young girl with a camera, asking questions. Soon, they started talking, especially about local issues like clean water. They realized that it’s a solvable problem, and it has, in fact, since been solved. Today, weddings of minors are also getting rare in my town, maybe even nonexistent.

None of my recent accomplishments would have been possible without the Internet. So, please, Give Internet access to more students. I cannot imagine anything more life-changing."
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Read more about the changes in the lives of our students
 in their own words
 Luka, 17

"I'm all about learning to cook! My laptop is my tool for making plans and preparing for the future with a positive attitude. I dive into all the details of things that catch my eye—checking out different dishes and decorations. Then, I am experimenting to create some."

There are 40+ students in Uganda and Kenya currently waiting to receive their laptops and Internet connectivity. 
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