May 2024 - Monthly Update

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Thank you for being an invaluable part of our mission!

We are excited to share the monthly transparency report with you, highlighting the impact of your donation. With your support, May was productive. Our team brought online an additional
31 high school students from underserved communities, providing them with laptops and connectivity. We've also prepared educational resources to ensure they make the most of these technologies. 

Here's where we stand:
See how your money was spent:
Transparency Report
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Meet our newest students from Georgia, along with the students from our trip to Kenya last November. They are currently enrolled in courses covering Multidisciplinary Design and Software Engeneering provided by our partner Nairobits Trust (in Nairobi, Kenya). 
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Meet Bridget, an aspiring freelancer overcoming the challenges of being a queer person in discriminative environment.

In Kakuma, the world's second largest refugee camp, 🏳️‍ LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees suffer discrimination due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, and refugee status with little support from authorities. Connecting to the internet is their chance to learn, get jobs, provide for themselves and avoid the discrimination.

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See more about the changes in the lives of our students,
in their own words:
Margaret, 27 from Kakuma Town, Kenya
"I come from a family of six. Growing up with a single parent was incredibly tough. Among us, only my younger sister and I were able to attend school. My sister's education was made possible by selling cows in our village. Access to the Internet and a laptop enabled me to become a freelancer and start working remotely. It helps me to create better future for me and my son."
There are 25+ students in Uganda and Kenya currently waiting to receive their laptops and Internet connectivity. Invite your friends to our cause.
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