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We have exciting news! Our team is currently on the ground in Kenya, meeting our partners and students, delivering the much-needed laptops, and documenting every step of our mesmerizing journey. Don't forget to check back on next month's report, we have reason to suspect that our photographers will take your breath away!

As for September, 28 students joined our project and are fully equipped with laptops, connectivity, resources and support. Thanks to our partner Pwan Teknowgalz, we have brought 4 girls online in Mombasa, Kenya. The rest of the students come from the mountainous Adjara in Georgia

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Meet Luka, a student from the city of Jvari in Georgia. Today, he's a proud student at the Kaunas University in Lithuania!

Three years ago, Luka's dream of pursuing higher education in Europe seemed like a distant dream. But with the help of his brand-new computer and the Internet, he came up with a concrete goal.

Today, he's a student at the faculty of international economy and business, specializing in the field of tourism. Together with a friend, he founded Traveland, a travel company that puts his knowledge into practice, helping others explore the world.

Luka tells us that what pushed him was his commitment to self-improvement. He's always eager to learn something new, to train his brain, and to become a better version of himself every single day. 
Read about the changes in the lives of our students in their own words
 Roma, 18

"I decided to explore computer programming and, at the same time, began to study game development. I searched for free resources and courses on the Internet. Before I had a computer, I had no idea about all this stuff. But now, I'm taking it step by step, discovering more each day."

There are 72 students in Uganda and Kenya currently waiting to receive their laptops and Internet connectivity. Invite your friends to our cause.
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