April 2023 - Monthly Update


Thank you for your interest in our mission! 

This month was incredible! 23 new students joined our project. They were introduced to us by our partner organizations She Code AfricaAltSchool Africa and Charte.ge. Thanks to these amazing partnerships, we were able to welcome more young learners to the digital world. Th
ey now have full access to the Internet & new laptops, and can work on developing their skills! 

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Meet our new student, Gladys!
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Meet 16-year-old Nika who is fascinated with meteorology!

Nika lives in the village of Khidari in Imereti, Georgia. If someone has any questions about the weather, they know to ask Nika. He observes the sky daily - clouds, stars, birds - and then he notes the changes in the climate and draws conclusions.

He’s done online research on different ways of forecasting the weather. His ambition is to "predict" what the weather will be like for the rest of the year! Thanks to the knowledge he’s accumulated, Nika can tell you everything you want to know about the climate even in the wilderness. Now that he has a laptop, Nika will be able to understand the science of meteorology even better and plan his future!
Read Nika's full story
Read about the changes in the lives of our students in their own words. Salome, 16

"When my emotions overwhelm me, I write everything down and save it on my laptop. This helps me with stress management. The device also helps me connect with my family; we started watching films together which is a lot of fun! Ever since I got my laptop, my everyday life has transformed."

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