August 2023 - Monthly Update


While we're sad the summer is over, we are happy for these productive three months that we've spent delivering laptops and connectivity.

The month of August was especially exhausting since we've managed to deliver laptops and connectivity to 71(!) new students and acquired 29 new donors.

We want to once again thank you for being a part of this journey, and here are the details:
See how the money was spent:
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Meet the students brought online last month:
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Meet Nia - A future diplomat and international relations specialist!

Nia lives in the tiny Georgian town of Abasha and has great goals. She's interested in international politics and languages, and she chose her profession accordingly - after a year of hard work, she got accepted to the free university to study international relations.

But studying is not the only thing she does. As she says, the computer helps her not only in the development of her skills but in utilizing them as well. She discovered a volunteering opportunity and got involved in additional training, completed a project and even became a mentor!
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Read about the changes in the lives of our students in their own words
 Saba, 16

"I want to study engineering in the future, and the newly acquired laptop and connectivity will help me on the way. I also love football, and I've always wanted to find out more about it, but my phone doesn't work so well, so I couldn't. Now I've learned a lot."

There are 72 students in Uganda and Kenya currently waiting to receive their laptops and Internet connectivity.
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