July 2023 - Monthly Update


We are happy to share that the month of July was a time of new challenges and a lot of brainstorming, which means that we are starting to accelerate our expansion and are getting closer and closer to bridging the digital divide every single day. We wanted to thank you for being a big part of that mission, and here is a brief overview of what we accomplished in July:
  • 35 newly connected students 
  • partnership established with LakeHub
  • 22 new donors joined the cause
And here are the details:
See how the money was spent:
Transparency Report
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Meet the students brought online last month:
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Meet Marion - A woman in STEM smiling in the face of a challenge 

Marion is a resilient Kenyan with a passion for technology. Raised in a loving, supportive family, she thinks that there are no things more important to be thoughtful and forgiving to yourself and everyone around you. As a cancer survivor, Marion embraces positivity, viewing obstacles as temporary challenges. 

Marion also values education, and has work to show for it - as part of a project focusing on addressing sustainable development, she developed an educational application EduApp. This experience ignited her curiosity for the fascinating realms of technology, such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain, and many more, which she will be able to utilize the newly acquired laptop for.
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Read about the changes in the lives of our students in their own words
 Jamila, 17

"The new laptop helps me understand and memorize the lessons I learn in school because I watch historic movies and listen to audiobooks with it. I found out that I can also learn Korean and computer design through Internet, so I will defineetly get into that!"

There are 74 students in Uganda and Kenya currently waiting to receive their laptops and Internet connectivity.
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