March 2022 - Monthly Update


Thank you for standing by our students!

This month,
50 more students joined our ranks! They are fully equipped with computers and Internet access and we will help them take advantage of this new resource.  

Here's where we stand: 
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Meet the students you helped bring online last month:
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Meet Nika, 17, who learned automotive design and engineering online and became a self-taught painter, constantly improving his technique through online tutorials.
Read Nika's story
Read about the changes in the lives of our students in their own words. Mariam, 19

"I'm preparing for my university entrance exams but I couldn't afford private tutors. Ever since I got my own computer, everything has changed. I attend free classes. I'm preparing for the next stage of my life. I try to learn English through movies and music. I wish everyone had access to the Internet."

Donors join us because someone they know recommends us.
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