March 2023 - Monthly Update


Thank you for your interest in our mission! 

We've got some exciting news! Thanks to our partnerships with incredible organizations She Code Africa and Era92 Elevate, we were able to expand our reach to Nigeria and Uganda!

Here's how the new projects work: while our educational partners on the ground provide underprivileged students with skills training courses, like coding, design and more, we make sure to provide them with laptops and Internet access, so the students can continue their studies and work after the courses are over.

This month, 41 students joined our project. Some of them were introduced to us by our partner organizations on the ground in Nigeria and Uganda, and some of them we met on our travels in Georgia.  All these students now have full access to the Internet & new laptops, and can work on using these resources to unleash their true potential! 

Here's where we stand
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Meet Nino, a promising chef & an aspiring makeup artist!

Nino grew up in a small village, "surrounded by a warm and cheerful environment". Her main interest nowadays is makeup art. She watches videos of different artists on the Internet and then conducts "makeup experiments" on her sister! Nino's second passion is cooking. She is the main chef at home and loves cooking fresh and delicious dishes for her family. Her imagination is limitless! And there are so many recipes available on different websites, so she never runs out of new ideas.

"In the future, I want to become a good person first. If I ever have the opportunity, I always want to support those who need help. I love kindhearted people and I aspire to be one"—Nino tells us. She sees the Internet and the laptop as resources for development.
Read Nino's full story
Read about the changes in the lives of our students in their own words. Goodness, 18

"I want to develop apps that will serve and transform the fashion industry! I think that access to the internet provides an opportunity to grow, as we can't thrive in isolation in a world that is already connected. To me, being a part of the digital world means being a part of a revolution!"

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